"On Poverty": The Kenyon Review
"Labyrinth and the Dark Heart of Childhood": The Atlantic
"The Body Behind the Little White Church": Narratively "Snowfall Blues: The Hard Life and Clear Sound of Jackson C. Frank": VQR
"All Who Would Have Seen Us Dead"The Kenyon Review
"Graffiti Taught Me Grit": Lenny Letter
"The Reptile King": Defunct
"No Marker, No Memorial: The Lakin State Hospital for the Colored Insane": Jezebel
"The Stain in the Attic Ward": Jezebel
"Lovers' Madness": Jezebel
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"The Mothman Economy": The Awl
"Graffiti as Essay": Essay Daily
"Your Woman": March Fadness
"Silent All These Years": March Sadness
"The Reformatory": The Museum of Americana

Journalism / Commentary

"Far Away From Any Witnesses": The Guardian
"Trump's Job Promises Won't Help Struggling Coal Counties": Reuters
"Inside The Statue of Liberty’s Radical Feminist, Pro-Refugee Roots": GOOD
"Graffiti and the Girl: The Sisterhood of Street Art": The Toast
"Could Whisky Save Our Water?": The Butter
Frances Bean Cobain and the Graffiti of Privilege”: Paint is Power


"After the Party" and "School": Poetry
David Dreamed I Was Sick": Love's Executive Order
"Suet": The Nation
"Desire Lines" "Afterward" and "Dear Weather": The Rumpus
"If You are a Survivor"and "Rescue Me Ohio": Hobart 
"When I Taught Mary to Eat Avocado": Verse Daily
"The Rescue": New England Review (also on Verse Daily)
"Service" and "Sprawl": Thrush
"Everything is an Instrument" and "Tiresias": Blackbird 
Buying Emergency Contraception in Elkhart": Glass Poetry Journal
"Rembrandt's Mistress": The Beloit Poetry Journal
"Child Bride" and "Marriage": Valparaiso Poetry Review 
"Banned for Life from the Artists' Colony": Triquarterly Review
"Bug": Linebreak
"Gossip": Agni
"The Flood" and "Judas Horse": Prairie Schooner 


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